Anulekh supplies BIOSAT in
bags of 50 kg.

BIOSAT stands for Biochar based Organic Soil amendment technology.


How to Apply

Application rates over a period of time.

Most soil scientists recommend an application rate of 3-5 tons/hectare/year


Biochar can be applied annually to the soil during the soil preparation stage. It is observed that soil fertility increases over the years due to regular application of biochar.

Method of application

1Surface application
(Conventional,Horticultural,Tree crops & Landscaping)

2Spread & incorporate into topsoil
(Conventional, Horticultural & Landscaping)

(Conventional & Horticultural crops)

4Localized application
(Conventional,Horticultural,Tree crops & Landscaping)

5Surface application

6Turf hole application

BIOSAT advantage over alternatives

BIOSAT is an organic soil amendment which is rich in organic carbon. A significant percent of the organic carbon is recalcitrant in nature. Recalcitrant organic carbon does not decompose easily in soil & keeps performing long after soil application. This ensures long term soil fertility unlike synthetic chemical fertilizers & other organic soil conditioners that only provide short term benefits. Chemical fertilizers & other organic soil conditioners have to be replenished regularly to ensure effectiveness.

Farm yard manure popularly known as FYM is the most commonly used organic manure in the world. BIOSAT offers multiple benefits over Farm yard manure in terms of quality & soil effectiveness. C/N ratio is significantly higher in BIOSAT as against FYM. Additionally the organic carbon in FYM decomposes easily & hence fresh application is required periodically. There are additional dangers of weeding , white grubs , termites through FYM if it is not of good quality. BIOSAT can be used as a complete replacement for Farm yard organic manure.